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NEW HORIZONS - A Dancing Festival

A digital showcase of Mdx graduating dancers 2021

Image credit Nik Nazran

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NEW HORIZONS - A Dancing Festival

An immersive event to showcase
performances by MDX graduating dancers of 2021

In year 3, Middlesex dance students have the option of being assessed in the performance of new and/or recreated works. Dancing in recreated work allows students to engage with major pieces from the modern dance repertory, much as actors and musicians engage with the respective canons in their field. Dancing in newly created work gives a different, but equally challenging experience with the opportunity of working with professional choreographers.

New Horizons- A Dancing Festival included choreographed site-specific works presented as online performances, as well as work from other Year 3 artists.


As a campus takeover, performances took place across Middlesex University and included collaborative works between students and choreographers Sarah Sulemanji & Siân Hopkins, Leroy Dias Dos Santos, Maga Judd and Impermanence Dance. We also presented special revised performances of Robert Cohans’s Tzaikerk (1967) directed by Anne Donnelly, Sarah Sulemanji and Siân Hopkins and Memory Stack (2007) choreographed by Chris Tudor.


Dancing is about moving energy, connecting both internally with one’s centre and externally to a wider audience. Ways of achieving this have, of course, been challenged during this unprecedented year of global Covid-19.

The event was and is a celebration of our students' achievements, our spaces and the wonderul work we are able to do at Middlesex.




As part of New Horizons: A Dancing Festival, we proudly presented an exciting blend of renowned repertoire and new commissioned works.

You can still find out more about the different dance works by simply following the links below...

Creative works by Maga Judd, Leroy Dias Dos Santos, Sarah Sulemanji & Sian Hopkins and Impermanence Dance Theatre

Directed works included Tzaikerk (1967) directed and re-imagined by Anne Donnelly, Sarah Sulemanji & Siân Hopkins and Memory Stack
(2007) directed by Chris Tudor.



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