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Dance at Middlesex University welcomes you to New Horizons: A Dancing Festival showcasing performances by final year students.


In Year 3, Middlesex dance performance students have the option of being assessed in the performance of both new and recreated works. Dancing in recreated work allows students to engage with major pieces from the modern dance repertory, much as actors and musicians engage with the respective canons in their field. Dancing in newly created work gives a different, but equally challenging experience with the opportunity of working with professional choreographers. We are very pleased to present collaborative works between students and choreographers Sarah Sulemanji & Sian Hopkins, Leroy Dias Dos Santos, Maga Judd and Impermanence Dance Theatre. There will also be revised performances of Sir Robert Cohan’s Tzaikerk (1967) directed by Anne Donnelly, Sarah Sulemanji and Siân Hopkins and Memory Stack (2007) choreographed by Chris Tudor.


We hope you enjoy this exciting programme of dancing and choreography. Thank you for supporting these young dance artists as they prepare to embark on the next stage of their dance careers.

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Middlesex University would like to thank the following people for their cooperation in hosting this event.

Event Curators:

Sarah Sulemanji & Siân Hopkins

Event Manager:

Bryony Cooper

Production & Administrative Assistants:

Teresa Skamletz & Emily Wraight

Technical Team:

Mikkel Svak, Joe Jackson, Lauren Patman


Dianne Jamieson-Greaves & Aylin Altinelli

Lighting, Camera & Editing:

Mikkel Svak


Joe Jackson

Camera & Editing:

Dominique Rivoal

Music Department Colleagues:

Mark Oldfield & Brian Inglis


Estates & Facilities:

Joe Fulgoni, Homeira Shayesteh, Shane Wilcox


Middlesex KitHub:

Helene Iversby, Young Joo Yoon & Tom Norris


Webpage Design:

Bryony Cooper, Teresa Skamletz, Emily Wraight


Programme Design:

Teresa Skamletz


Rehearsal Photography:

Bryony Cooper & Teresa Skamletz


Production Photography:

Brian Slater


Student support & Volunteers:

Demi Miller-Neave, Hanieh Ayatollahzade, Narina Bira, Marta Guerra Doblas, Tegan Emery-Barker, Maria Karczmarczyk, Imogen Louise Griffiths & Diana Sofia Peredes De Olivier


Performing Arts at Middlesex University has a long established tradition of excellence in training, educating students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is one of the topuniversities in the UK for dance, recognised nationally and internationally for its high calibre of teaching and research.


Dance at Middlesex University embeds high quality vocational and theoretical training that underpins the creative industries, equipping students with the ‘tools’ for exciting careers.



For more information visit:



Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries

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