Breathing in the future. Breathing out the past. The in-between is alive with possibilities, or paused with fear. 


The world in the past has gone. There is a chance to start again, to create a new future for ourselves - but how far can we break free from the shackles of history, and how much do we really want to?


Based on the dancers' experiences of Lockdown, Ribcage reflects on the emotions, struggles, restrictions, hope and transformation of a society in limbo.

Dedicated to Jane Judd

Choreography: Maga Judd & Dancers

Music Composition: Alex Judd, Lion by Saint Mesa

Maga Judd


Maga Judd is a performer, choreographer, improviser and teacher, graduating from the London Contemporary Dance School and Middlesex University with an MA in Choreography. Prior to that Maga completed a BA in dance at Poznan University and MA in pedagogy at the University of Zielona Gora.  


With fifteen years professional experience, Maga has created and performed in many pieces in international festivals across Europe and the Middle East. She has worked with choreographers and teachers as diverse as Jose Vidal Company, Bettina Carpi (CandoCo), Nadar Rosano, Ray Chung, Frauke Requardt, Rick Nodine, and for a few years toured internationally with Zawirowanie Dance Theatre from Warsaw. Since 2017, Maga has been performing and co-devising with Dancing Strong and recently became an Artistic Associate in their ‘Movement Lab’. 

Maga has been nominated for scholarships and won several awards, winning first prize in the Warsaw Polish Platform Choreography Contest. Maga co-directs and choreographs the annual International Festival of Dance in Poland, and her award-winning work in the community sector has been presented across Europe and attracted interest from national media. As well as teaching at Middlesex, Maga also regularly teaches release and contact improvisation in the UK and abroad, such as at Trip Space and LCI in London, Brighton and Bristol, Wurzburg and Freiburg in Germany, and Wroclaw and Lodz in Poland. 


Dancers: Harley Gentry, Ash Davies, Lauren Elsegood, Molly Hobbs, Zoe De Naeyer

Image by Brian Slater